BALIZ has been active in the advisory services dedicated to business and Geospatial/IT since 2006. Founded by Luc Vaillancourt, BALIZ is gathering and accumulating a unique knowledge of this whole universe’s ecosystem (players, needs, uses, solutions). The geospatial industry regroups all the fields of activities, sectors and technological trends of GEO as a whole:

  • Mapping, Cartography (web-mapping, mobile mapping, map making);
  • Geomatics;
  • Graphic Information System (GIS);
  • Geographic Information;
  • Geospatial Data (GIS data or Geodata);
  • Big Data / GeoData;
  • Spatial analysis or Geospatial analysis (Location Analytics);
  • Thematic mapping or geostatistics;
  • Geomarketing or Market intelligence;
  • Geospatial intelligence or Location intelligence;
  • Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI);
  • Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI);
  • Location, Geolocation or Geopositioning (mobility, GPS, tracking);
  • 3D (CAD, BIM, LiDAR data).

The market presence and relevancy of BALIZ is partly due to the publication, between 2007-2013, of its Web magazine covering news and trends of the geospatial industry.

BALIZ stands out in the market by being the only Quebec firm exclusively devoted to offer strategic advisory and integrated marketing in the domains of Geomatics, Geomarketing, web-mapping, data analytics and geographic information.

About the name

BALIZ is derived for the French word « balise », meaning beacon, marker, tag.

Meaning of the BALIZ name

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