BALIZ accompanies its clients in the “Business” aspect of their enterprise or technological / geospatial project, whether the offer is shaped by technologies and softwares, geographic data and information or professional services. 

Analyse du marché de la géomatique

BALIZ approaches the different aspects of business development, commercialization, marketing, and sales like:

  • Business strategy: choice of business model(s), offer and market focus cutout, considerations between the municipal-provincial-federal sectors, considerations between the private and public sectors (private and public partnership);
  • Go to market: branding & packaging, product launching plan, multichannel strategy (direct\indirect , conventional\online), development of partnership network;
  • Product positioning: product-market cutout, price strategy according to the range, product mix, opening strategy by interoperability to allow partnerships, media placement, content marketing, specialized press relations, blog animation and social media;
  • Business Development: help in strategic sale to major accounts, strategic partnerships development, sales team and partners compensation structure;
  • Organization Performance: HR hiring profile and plan, communication tools and methods between team members and senior management, performance indicators (KPI), follow up and forecast of the finance, sales and treasury stock.