BALIZ accompanies its clients in the “technological” aspect of their enterprise or geospatial project, whether the offer is defined by solutions from the Cloud (XaaS), softwares, geographic data and information or professional services.

Services conseil en géomatique

On the “IT and Geospatial” aspect, it is often a question of roadmaps and principles concerning the definition and management of products (software and data), displayed in enterprise or on the Cloud. BALIZ approaches those different aspects with you:

  • Geomatics and Geolocation: high level architecture, solutions conception (Web, mobile, visualization, analytic), production and integration of data, cartography;
  • Data and Information valorization: offer in raw data and Web services, content standards and interoperability, open data approach regarding payable or free offers (Open data vs sample vs basic data), digital content marketing, considerations of the municipal-provincial-federal sectors;
  • Digital Transformation: business analysis on organisational, technological, and informational impacts of the implantation and exploitation of information systems;
  • Analytics and Geostatistics: reports and dashboards conception, spatial and statistical analysis, geomarketing (socio-economic studies, market studies, sites selection), thematic cartography.