About Luc Vaillancourt

Luc Vaillancourt is an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and technologist with 28 years of expertise. In addition to his generic and transversal experience in management and business development, his knowledge in the geospatial industry is unique and can be applied and used to the greatest benefit of any organizations.

Following the obtention of his Bachelor Degree in Geography in 1993, Luc Vaillancourt successively founded: 

Luc Vaillancourt

1993: KOREM (1993-2005, Web-mapping solutions development and exclusive distributor of MapInfo in Quebec);

2006: BALIZ (Senior analyst and advisor, editor of the online magazine BALIZ-MEDIA.com between 2007-2013);

2009: Spatialytics (2019-2015, development of an Open Source and Enterprise software stack: Spatial ETL, SOLAP Server & GeoBI Applications);

2015: Ekumen (2015-2017, Geomarketing SaaS and custom development of Web-mapping solutions)

Geographer by formation and technologist by passion, Mr. Vaillancourt is a high level strategist in Geospatial. Mr. Vaillancourt helps organizations in the exploitation of geographic data & information generated by and for GIS, but also other corporate information systems (CRM, ERP, e-commerce, Weblogs, sensors, mobility). The main objective being more GEO-aware and efficient in diverse domains such as Smart City and territory management, economic development and commerce, transport and mobility, infrastructure and asset management.

Luc Vaillancourt stands out by his frankness, global vision, analytical mind and by his talent in communication and vulgarization.