Future Trends in The Geospatial Information Management, 3rd Edition of the UN’s report, 2020

Translated from the original post in French: “Tendances futures de la gestion de l’information géospatiale, 3e édition du rapport de l’ONU, 2020”

The original document is available here.

About The Report

UN-GGIM for « Global Geospatial Information Management » is at the same time an international expert committee and the geospatial secretariat of the statistics division of the United Nations.

This report has been written in the name of the United Nations’ expert committee about the worldwide geospatial information management (UN-GGIM) where the content is principally based on the first two editions of that same report. This report, which was written before the global pandemic of COVID-19, has been updated to the possible extent to reflect the impact and consequences of this unprecedented crisis.

The document of 82 pages discusses the following aspects :

  • Foreword
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Trends in geospatial information management
  • The digital infrastructure of the future
  • The rise of artificial intelligence, big data and data analysis
  • Technology trends and the future direction of data creation, maintenance and management
  • Legal, political and ethical developments
  • Required skills and training mechanisms
  • The role of the private and non-governmental sectors
  • Requests from future users
  • The future role of governments in the generation and management of geospatial data
  • Present the true value of GI
  • The third edition of the future trends report: Review Process
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