Geospatial Industry Leaders’ Outlook 2021, an Annual Classic from Geospatial World Magazine

The Geospatial World magazine, of GEOSPATIAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS, published in its January-February 2021 issue the opinion of nearly sixty leaders (founder, president, CEO, member of the board of directors, etc.) of geospatial companies.

Translated from the original post in French: “Perspectives 2021 de leaders de l’industrie du géospatial, un classique annuel du magazine Geospatial World”

Context of the 2021 edition

For several months now, the world has been yearning for a return to normalcy. Like a bad dream, people want to forget about 2020 and move on. Today, geospatial technology is playing a whole new role and going far beyond simple mapping.

When COVID-19 swept the world, these technologies provided valuable information through dashboards, which helped frontline workers and the public to access health facilities and other crucial information. The year 2021 has not brought any relief to its fullest extent, but the world is better prepared to deal with the situation now.

Recently, leaders from politics, business, society members and the environmental sector have come together to work with technology and business leadership.

As we move into the future, every stakeholder in the geospatial ecosystem will have an important role to play in social, economic and environmental recovery.

Here is a snapshot of the opinions of several leaders in the geospatial industry, published in Geospatial World. You can also view the full magazine available online.