Geobuiz 2019: report on AEC and Geospatial in 75 countries

This post is translated from the original one in French “Geobuiz 2019 : rapport sur l’AEC et le Géospatial dans 75 pays” where BALIZ translated and summarized the report.

The GeoBuiz-19 report (available here) describes and assesses the ecosystem of the geospatial, geolocation and AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. The document makes a comparative assessment of 75 countries on their readiness and their capacities in geospatial, that is to say the index “Countries Geospatial Readiness Index-19”.

This study was produced and published by Geospatal Media and Communicatons, and, for this 2019 edition, in partnership with the companies Esri, Trimble et Faro.

Figure 4.5 – The Strategic Relevance of Geospatial Readiness, page 66.