UN’s Experts Comity Presents the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework

Integrated geospatial information framework – A strategic guide to develop and strengthen national geospatial information management

Translated from the original post in French “Un comité d’experts de l’ONU présente le cadre IGIF pour une gestion nationale et intégrée de l’information géospatiale .”

  • Part 1 is a global strategic framework;
  • Part 2 is an implementation guide;
  • Part 3 is an action plan at the national level in progress.

References Document 2019

Source : Link to the IGIF for the digital magazine Geospatial World in an article published on 2020-07-22 titled “Geospatial information management in the time of COVID-19 ” by Drewniak Malgorzata and Kevin D. Pomfret.