Your country’s potential through geographic information, an Ordnance Survey report, January 2021

Driving economic growth, technological innovation, and sustainable development with geospatial information

Translated from the original post in French: “Le potentiel de votre pays par l’information géographique, un rapport de l’Ordnance Survey, janvier 2021”.

Le rapport, présenté le 29 janvier 2021, est disponible sur le site Web de l’OS . Vidéo d’une minute trente sur le sujet (en anglais):The report, presented on January 29, 2021, is available on the OS website. A one-and-a-half-minute video on the subject:

The report

As we enter a new decade, governments around the world face new challenges, population growth and urbanization, climate change and pandemics. Geospatial information is an essential tool to help nations overcome these challenges effectively, providing insights and information to support effective political and economic decisions.

The global geospatial information market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is growing every year. Public spending on geospatial information has a high investment impact in the long-term economic health of a country, with benefits that are 3.2 times greater than the costs.

The Ordnance Survey report released in January 2021 allows to discover how geospatial information can help you see your country’s potential.


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Download the entire report here: Ordnance Survey.