Geospatial Application Design (training 02)

This training or coaching session by BALIZ covers the “Geospatial application design” aspect.


– This training is the one focusing on the different applications specific to geomatics, cartography, geomarketing, and its main categories of functions.

The modules of this training in the Geospatial application design domain are:

  1. The introduction to the geospatial application types;
  2. The large vocations and functions in the applications (creation, integration, analysis, visualization, distribution); 
  3. Exploration of the geocentric (eg. Esri) and geo-capable players’ offer (eg. Tableau);
  4. Adapted offer to different users (citizens, professionals, Geo experts, IT experts);
  5. Considerations regarding the reference data vs business data;
  6. Roadmap for the design according to the vocation(s), users and data.