Selling Geospatial Solutions (training 05)

This training by BALIZ covers the “sale of geospatial solutions”.

All about selling

-Aim for good clients at great prices, and conditions. Make your customers, especially the first ones, successful partners and use cases… for your content marketing!

The modules of this training on the sale of geospatial solutions are:

  1. Price logic and structure depending on customer base and the offer;
  2. Client typology / opportunities and commercial strategy associated;
  3. Good practices in Customer Relationship Management (Web statistics, activities, journey towards the closing…);
  4. Indirect sales possibilities and smart partnerships (client privacy, vertical expertise, geographic\cultural advantage);
  5. Client value optimization (support, community, additional sale and cross-sale);
  6. Promotion and marketing (client cases, concept proofs, content marketing, …).