Geospatial Data Exploitation (training 03)

This training by BALIZ covers the usage, analysis and diffusion of “Geospatial Data”.

Content is King 

-The geospatial domain is rich in data of all kinds and from different sources. Learn how to exploit yours and the market’s data and information. 

The modules in this session(s) on Geospatial Data Exploitation are:

  1. The introduction to the geospatial data types (internal vs external, open vs private, alphanumeric vs geometric, territory vs activity, historic vs live, …);
  2. Big themes of useful data to geospatial and principal sources;
  3. Overview of the organization’s digital plan and its geography;
  4. Exploitation of internal systems and data to the organization (CRM, ERP, e-commerce, Web stats, mobility, IoT sensors, …) ;
  5. Value creation with new and unique information, by the fusing external data with internal ones;
  6. Optimization and exploitation of the results and governance of the processus, the sources and the uses.