Frontier Economics Study of the UK Geospatial Data Market, November 2020

This post is translated from the original one in French “Étude de Frontier Economics sur le marché des données géospatiales au Royaume-Uni, novembre 2020” where BALIZ translated and summarized the report.

Frontier Economics was commissioned by the UK Geospatial Commission to conduct a detailed economic study of the size, functionality and characteristics of the UK geospatial data market.

The Geospatial Commission was established within the Cabinet Office in 2018, made up of an independent committee of experts responsible for setting the UK’s geospatial strategy and coordinating public sector geospatial activities. The report builds among other things on previous studies that have explored the value that certain forms of geospatial data bring to specific sectors.

Themes studied, figure 5, page 18 of the report

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