HERE Argues Utility of Geospatial Data Sales Platforms via Report Commissioned from IDC, December 2020

Translated from the original post in French “HERE fait valoir l’utilité des plateformes de ventes de données géospatiales via un rapport commandé à IDC, décembre 2020”.

A new November 2020 publication from the International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals how to use location data to create value for your organization.

This 5-page report is titled “Use a Location Platform to Make the Most of Your Data Assets”. This is an IDC TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT type publication and appears to have been commissioned by HERE (Sponsored by: HERE Technologies). It is possible to obtain a copy of the document via a form on the HERE website, which will then give you the link to it.

This IDC TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT examines the different types of data exchanges and markets available, evaluating their benefits and features. At the same time, it considers the HERE Technologies market, highlighting the main advantages of this comprehensive and geolocation-centric market platform. The IDC report then examines some of the current trends in data markets.

IDC praises HERE Marketplace for what it can offer businesses. The qualities it has highlighted include security, its reach beyond data into other location-centric content, and its market-leading position.

Source : page 4 du document HERE Marketplace – The location asset exchange