The Smart City, Driver of Innovation: UMQ self-diagnosis tool, 2017

Translated from the original post in French “La ville intelligente, moteur d’innovation : outil d’auto diagnostique de l’UMQ, 2017”.

The smart city is not just a matter of technology or a concept that only applies to large cities. A smart city seeks to increase its attractiveness by reducing its ecological footprint and offering a better quality of life through the fluidity of its services and shared governance.

In 2017, the UMQ and the CEFRIO (an organization that ceased its activities in June 2020, partly taken over by the Digital Transformation Academy) developed a website to help elected officials and municipal leaders take action. It brings together information on smart cities, examples of municipal projects and offers a self-diagnosis tool allowing member municipalities of the UMQ to obtain personalized advice for evolving as a smart city.

Graph in French

Discover the 6 dimensions of the smart city

– Economy

– Environement

– Governance

– Lifestyles

– Mobility

– Communities

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